When you start considering a fresh coat of paint for your home or business’s exterior walls, it’s important that you consider the longevity of the paint job in relation to the price. If you’ve noticed peeling or chipping paint on your building’s exterior, it’s already been too long since the last paint job! We understand wanting to stretch your dollar, but paint is an important line of defense for your home against the elements. For this reason, we take exterior prep and repair work very seriously.


Clean the Surface

If you’ve ever tried to paint a dirty wall, you know that it’s nearly impossible and will destroy your tools. The first step in any painting job should be to thoroughly clean the surface that will eventually be painted. This step ensures that the paint will properly bond the underlying wall face – an imperative consideration for outdoor applications that are meant to protect your building.

Depending on the surface and age of the previous paint job, we may recommend power washing, peeling, buffing, and sanding of surfaces. We’ll need to remove all dirt, algae, grime, and other types of buildup to ensure a professional, clean finish.



Since our end goal for an exterior paint job is always your home’s protection from the elements, we will also take great care in replacing damaged siding, trim, and caulking. If there is rot due to insufficient water protection, you may consider evaluating potential long-term fixes for these issues prior to the start of our work (replacing or rerouting gutters and repairing roof issues). We will repair what we can for siding and trim work, but we cannot guarantee that the problem will not return without proper maintenance.


Protect and Prime

Since windows and roofing are best left unpainted, our team of skilled painters will make sure to tape and mask off any areas that should not be touched. Once all areas have been protected and sealed off, we’ll prime rough or troublesome surfaces so that the new paint bonds effectively to the surface underneath. Since exterior projects are usually vast in surface area, we will very rarely prime an entire workspace; rest assured that we’ll make sure to get any areas necessary to reveal a beautiful, professional end result for you.

Exterior painting is a great undertaking that few homeowners or business owners have the time and tools for. At D’Leon’s, we are experts in the field of painting – efficiency and quality are our priorities! Cross that job off of your summer to-do list by giving our paint pros a call; we’ve got you covered.