Many people think they can achieve professional quality, beautifully smooth walls without much prep work to the surface; however, we know better. Our painting professionals at D’Leon’s know that there are a handful of important steps to perform prior to cracking open that beautifully-colored can of interior paint. Luckily for you, our highly-skilled painters can get you that professional, clean coat feeling in an efficient manner.

Clean the Surfaces

If there’s one thing that will single-handedly ruin your brand new paint job, its dirt and built-up grime underneath the fresh coat. Our painters will thoroughly scrub and clean your walls, trim, doors, and whatever else needs to be painted prior to dipping the first brush. Dirt and debris won’t be kind to fresh paint, so it must be eliminated.

Repair Any Damage

We’re aiming for smooth, immaculate perfection, not lumpy, bumpy, and pitted. We want you to look at the finished product and think: “wow, that could nearly be new drywall!” Achieving this level of perfection will take some time, but it will be well worth it. Our painting experts will scrape any old or peeling paint, fill holes, sand down lumps, and caulk where necessary. We will also remove any unnecessary nails and hardware, filling in cracks and pits as we go.


It would be a tragedy if your brand new carpet was splattered with bright green paint during a paint job. For every job, our painters lay down protective, high-traffic plastic that will keep your floors safe. We will also apply painters’ tape and masking to areas that should be protected, like ceilings, cabinets, switchplates, and trim work.


Another step frequently skipped by inexperienced or rushed home painters, priming is essential for ending up with a uniformly finished paint surface. Primers are designed to cover all of the imperfections and repaired scars to your wall in one fell swoop. This product creates a slick, uniform surface so that the fresh coat of paint doesn’t experience bleed-throughs or show brush lines. Priming is also a sure-fire way to cover an old coat of dark paint with a newer, lighter job in fewer coats (and vice versa).

Whether you’re re-painting your whole house, your business office, or just a nursery, you deserve a professional end-result. Here at D’Leon’s we’re committed to bringing the expertise and necessary products for the job. You can rest assured knowing that your fresh paint will not only look great, but also last a long time!